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Rose Elliott is an artist and designer based in South Devon, specialising in watercolours and hand painted and printed one off images on fabric

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About me


I am an artist and designer specialising in hand painted textiles. A graduate of Winchester School of Art, texture and colour have always been intrinsic to my work. 

I have been living and working in Torbay since 2004, taking inspiration from the beaches and sea but also from my garden and surrounding countryside. 

Before moving to Devon I lived in central London where I was born and ran my own design business - Rose Elliott Design - in Camden Lock for twenty years, producing hand dyed silks and hand painted fabrics and garments.

Rose Elliott Design was often commissioned to produce one off paintings, designed as a garment and wrapped around the client as a continuous image. Designer Bill Gibb sold these pieces, as did Henry Lehr in London and Bloomingdales in New York.

Since moving to Devon, I have begun concentrating on framing my fabric paintings.  These are created in disperse dyes, using just the three primary colours plus black. I use these to paint onto watercolour paper after having created an initial detailed drawing. The paintings are then sublimated onto fabric using heat and pressure. I often add a three-dimensional detail - maybe the fin of a fish, a flower petal or a trail of seaweed - created separately and sewn onto the painting. 

In 2020 I expanded my work to include conventional watercolours producing paintings of flowers, some focussing closely on large scale details.

To see more about the previous work I designed for Rose Elliott Design - please click here

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